ABE/GED Payment Assistance

What is General Education Development (GED)?
GED is the process of earning the equivalent of a high school diploma—which is referred to as a GED certificate.

Why is a high-school diploma necessary?

  • Stiff Competition– The job market is highly competitive. If faced with two job-seekers, one with a high-school diploma and one without, employers will always choose the one with a degree; it’s proof that someone can work hard to accomplish something. And, overwhelmingly, those you’ll be competing with for jobs know this.
  • Career Opportunities– Rewarding career opportunities (meaning, careers that pay well, offer advancement and provide professional fulfillment) virtually always require a high school diploma. Get one and, instantly, you’ve got far more avenues to a better life.
  • Higher Salary– It’s logical, and proven by research: High school graduates earn more than high school dropouts. And every additional degree—junior college, four-year college or post-grad—will lead to even higher income. How far will you go?

What is Adult Basic Education (ABE)?
Adult Basic Education programs are designed to prepare adults—who haven’t completed high school—to take the GED test, so they can qualify for better opportunities in the job world or higher education. Often referred to as GED prep classes, ABE teaches the basic skills necessary to boost the student’s chances of successfully passing the GED test.