Employment Services

Career Assessment, Job Readiness/Retention & Career Advancement

Career Assessment & Planning
The first step to finding an ideal job/career is to understand the unique skills, interests and abilities you can offer. Once you have a handle on your qualities and strengths, then you can begin considering which career track makes the most sense for you.

Higher Education Assistance
Because education is often a factor in one’s career path and the foundation of a well-paying career, our knowledgeable staff can help you determine the academic strategy that’s the most likely route to career success. That includes help and guidance in obtaining your high-school diploma or GED; as well as discussion and assistance in deciding on additional academic study in order to reach even more ambitious career and life goals.

Job-Readiness Program
Landing the ideal job starts with preparing for that job, and understanding how to keep succeeding as you remain in that job or career. Staff members in our Human Resource Development Centers can provide assistance in the following areas:

  • The enormous importance of “soft skills” (i.e., non-technical) such as reliability and a good attitude—in finding and keeping a job
  • How to find jobs online, in the newspaper, and through networking
  • How to fill out and submit a job application
  • How to write an effective résumé
  • How to “nail” a job interview
  • How to network successfully
  • How to dress for success
  • How to discover what employers expect from you

Job Retention
Our staff will also work with clients on strategies to keep a job once they get one. Crucial to this goal is the development of positive work habits such as:

  • Developing a good work ethic
  • Arriving to work on time
  • Having a good attitude
  • Being helpful on the job

Advancing Your Career
Already have a job? Looking to advance your career and find your next position? We’re here to help. Because we work year-round with employers conducting career fairs, you’ll have multiple no-cost opportunities to explore jobs in your area, meet employers face-to-face, and apply for open positions.

Whether you’re ready to find a job, start a career, or advance in your current profession, chances are excellent that your local Human Resource Development Center can help.