Head Start

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my child be taught in Head Start?

Research has shown that getting to kids early—before they start school—has a positive impact on their cognitive, social and emotional health as they prepare to enter school. At Head Start, we use The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool.

This comprehensive, research-based curriculum helps educators at all experience levels, plan and implement a program that’s both rich in content and appropriate for children with a wide variety of backgrounds and skill levels. And that’s the key…

Teachers are responsive to individual children with different rates of development as well as different interests, temperaments, languages, cultural backgrounds and learning styles. Those differences are reflected in a wide variety of classroom materials, activities and experiences, as well as the development of lesson plans and classroom strategies.

In the end, we address the needs of all children, including dual-language learners and those with special needs. Along the way, children achieve both school readiness and social competence in a multicultural and anti-bias environment.

Does Head Start provide meals to my kids?

Head Start through Tallatoona CAP, Inc. promotes child wellness by providing all kids with two nourishing, balanced meals and a snack daily.

Together, the meals and snack provide each child with 1/2 to 2/3 of their daily nutrient intake. Moreover, the variety and quantity of food served meets the recommended guidelines set by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).

The meals supplement and complement the meals offered at home, and are served in a relaxed atmosphere that’s conducive to learning and optimal nutrition. In addition, we do our part to establish positive eating habits that contribute to healthy development while promoting lifelong wellbeing.

When my child completes Head Start, what will they be prepared for?

After a child leaves Head Start, the goal is to have sufficiently developed their educational, social and emotional skills so they can successfully participate in group activities and can work well with others in a classroom setting.

Children will have developed age-appropriate independence learned while in a supportive, secure environment that encourages independent discovery and exploration.

What sort of health care assistance is provided to Head Start children?

Tallatoona CAP, Inc. provides a comprehensive program to help with medical and dental health care for each enrolled child. This includes the required physicals and dental exams, along with hearing and vision screenings. If a specific medical or dental need is identified, we make sure children receive follow-up treatment.

We also provide access to preventative health services—including health education resources—that link the family to a medical care system that will continue to serve them long after the child graduates from Head Start. The health education component is designed to help families begin, achieve and maintain healthy habits for life.

Head Start takes an active role in combatting the scourge of childhood obesity by emphasizing the importance of physical activity: Every day, all Head Start kids do 15 minutes of aerobic exercise as well as 60 minutes of outside physical activity.

By instilling, early on, healthy habits of exercise and nutrition, we can improve the quality of life for our children and foster lifelong “habits of health.”

How involved can parents get in their kids’ Head Start journey?

At Tallatoona Head Start, we know that parents are their kids’ “first teacher”—and THE most important influence on their lives. As such, forming collaborative partnerships with the family is key to the future success of our students.

Parents can participate in the following important ways:

  • The can be part of the Parent Committee at each Head Start facility, offering input
    into program planning and contributing suggestions for center activities.
  • The president of each Parent Committee serves on the Tallatoona Head Start Policy Council—a component of our program governance, which…
    • Approves hiring of staff
    • Reviews the program’s budget
    • Approves the program’s annual refunding application, and…
    • Provides input into the management plan
  • Parents volunteer in the classroom and elsewhere at the centers
  • Through participation in trainings, workshops, parent conferences and home visits, parents are educated and coached on the developmental needs of children, as well as receiving training in parenting skills, budgeting and nutrition.
Can families of Head Start children access other Tallatoona CAP programs?

Tallatoona CAP, Inc. has linked our Head Start program with our Community Services department, giving Head Start families seamless access to all the programs and services available through our organization and our community partners.

Our staff can partner with parents to develop and implement individualized family goals—goals that factor in the family’s needs, while building on their strengths. We use family partnership agreements as tools for relationship building and as a basis for ongoing individualized family services.