To assist low-income individuals and families to acquire useful skills and knowledge, to gain new opportunities, and to achieve self-sufficiency.

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If I rent, can I still apply?

Whether you own or rent, live in a single-family home, multi-family housing complex, or a mobile home, you can apply for assistance.  If you rent, written permission from the landlord is required before weatherization services can be performed.  There is a form that will be provided at the time you apply.


If my income is within the national guidelines, will I be guaranteed to receive weatherization services?

Not necessarily.  Weatherization is not a renovation service.  The condition of your home plays a part in whether or not weatherization measures can be applied to your home.  This will be determined at the time of your energy audit.  Funding can also be an issue because Congress allocates a certain amount of funding for the program on a national level, and it varies from year to year.  Please be patient if you are put on a waiting list.  Your home will be weatherized as soon as possible.


Why can't I call the Department of energy directly to apply for assistance?

The federal government does not provide assistance directly to individuals.  Instead, this function is the responsibility of the states.  DOE does not have an application form to give to individuals for weatherizing their homes.  DOE does not accept applications from individuals.


I've received weatherization in the past, when can I apply again?

At this time the Department of Energy does not allow a home to be re-weatherized if the home was weatherized after September of 1994.


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