To assist low-income individuals and families to acquire useful skills and knowledge, to gain new opportunities, and to achieve self-sufficiency.

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ABE/GED Payment Assistance

In today's society, it is critical to obtain a GED or high school diploma.  Without a high school diploma, or its equivalent, the likelihood of landing a quality, successful career is nearly impossible.

Why is a high school diploma necessary?

  • Stiff Competition - The vast majority of employees , especially those seeking employment, realize how important education is when it comes to applying for jobs.  The job market is full of stiff competition.
  • Career Opportunities - Without a high school diploma, the chance of finding a rewarding career that pays well is low.  Getting your high school diploma will allow you the opportunity to perform more job functions.
  • Higher Salary - According to research, a high school dropout earns less than a high school graduate.  Also, an individual that furthers their education at the post-secondary level can drastically earn more money than a high school graduate.

What is Adult Basic Education (ABE)?

Adult Basic Education programs are designed to provide opportunities to adults who have not completed high school and who desire to increase their educational attainment for entry or advancement in the workforce or for additional educational opportunities.  Often referred to as GED prep classes, basic skills are presented in a manner to enhance successful completion of the GED test.

What is General Education Development (GED)?

GED is actually the process of earning the equivalent of your high school diploma, which is called a GED certificate.

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