To assist low-income individuals and families to acquire useful skills and knowledge, to gain new opportunities, and to achieve self-sufficiency.

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Research has shown that early intervention has an impact on the cognitive and social/emotional health of children as they prepare for entrance into school.  Classroom teachers are responsive to individual children through a comprehensive, research based, developmentally appropriate curriculum that provides a variety of materials, activities and experiences for all children in the program.  Through the use of Creative Curriculum in our classrooms, children achieve social competence and school readiness in a multicultural and anti-bias environment.

Teachers recognize children have individual rates of development as well as individual interests, temperaments, languages, cultural backgrounds and learning styles which are reflected in the development of lesson plans and classroom strategies.  The program supports strategies for addressing the needs of all children, including those who have special needs or are dual language learners.  Our curriculum strategies are designed to prepare children for a successful transition to kindergarten.  After a child leaves Head Start our goal is to have developed their educational, social and emotional skills that will allow them to be successful participants in group activities and to work well with individuals in a classroom setting.  Children will have acquired age appropriate independence learned from a supportive, secure environment that encouraged independent discovery and exploration.


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