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How Does the Weatherization Process Work?

  1. Contact your local Tallatoona CAP, Inc. resource office and ask for an appointment to fill out a weatherization application.  Please be aware that you may be placed on a waiting list for an appointment.  This waiting list time will vary from county to county.

  2. Come in and apply.  The application usually takes 20-30 minutes to complete.  You must have all required documents at the time of the application.  If you rent, you will need your landlord to stop by and sign a permission waiver.

  3. Your eligibility will be determined.  If you are eligible in the office, your application is forwarded to the Weatherization agency where you are added to a waiting list.  The waiting list time will vary from county to county.  It may be as little as 2 months, or over 12 months.

  4. You will be contacted by the Weatherization agency in order to set up an appointment for an energy audit.

  5. Professional Energy Audit (Please note that the technicians will need access to all areas of your home inclusive of but not limited to the:  attic, basement or crawspace, bedrooms, bathrooms, and utility closets)

    •  An energy audit typically lasts from 1-2 hours depending on the square footage of your home, and whether or not any of your appliances run off natural gas or propane, as additional diagnostic tests must be performed.

    • Technicians will test the infiltration of outside air with a blower door test and pressure pan readings.

    • Technicians will inspect all appliances for health and safety.

    • Pictures will be taken to document findings of audit.

  6. If your home audit determines you to be eligible for service you will be contacted by the Weatherization agency in order to set up an appointment for services to be applied to your home.  The wait time for your energy audit to application of services can be 3-6 months depending on your county of residence.

    • A heating and air subcontractor may also make an appointment with you to perform any heating and air work that may be planned for your home.

    • If your home is determined to be ineligible at the time of the audit, you will receive either a deferral or denial letter in the mail.  Any questions pertaining to a deferral or denial may be addressed by calling the Weatherization office at (770) 382-5388.

  7. Workers arrive

    • A Tallatoona CAP, Inc. Weatherization crew will arrive at your home to begin weatherization service.  The work is typically completed in 1-3 business days depending on the measures that will be applied to your home.

    • All work will be completed as quickly as possible while still maintaining the quality of our work.  We practice a least-invasive measure implementation, as we understand you will be living in your home throughout the weatherization process.

    • All work is energy related.  Work does not include new roofing, siding or similar.

    • You will be given packets of informative information on lead and mold safety, and energy conservation tips.

    • You will be asked to sign a series of forms explaining the weatherization process and what measures are applied to your home, as well as an acknowledgement of receipt of these informative packets.

  8. Follow-Up Inspection

    • A follow-up inspection will be scheduled for our inspection team to verify that all measures applied to your home were installed to the standards of our agency and the Department of Energy.

    • Final inspections typically last 1 1/2 hours.

    • You will sign off on final inspection




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