By the time I was 20, I had two children and was just living day by day. I was not thinking about my future because my reality was that I was another statistic in the teenage mom world. I did not have time for anything else. When my son and daughter, who were 15 months apart, were both at Head Start, I decided I wanted to play an active role in anything involving them so I attended parent meetings. After enjoying being engaged in their learning, I increased my participation by joining the parent committee. During this time there was a multitude of information for parents and their children. It ranged from eating healthy, resources about buying your first home, etc. One day I was encouraged to apply to West Central Technical College (now West Georgia Technical College) by the family advocate. I was also informed about various programs for low income families at the school. Initially, I made up excuses not to go to the programs but because of the Head Start I was allowed the time and support I needed to nurture and grow myself while my children were in a nurturing environment. In Head Start, my children were in a positive learning environment, received nutritious meals and snacks and gained valuable social and emotional skills. Knowing my children were in a good place allowed me the space to focus on school instead of worrying about them. Eventually, after 2 years, I graduated from the registered nurse program. Completing my education was a significant factor in my being able to support and provide even more opportunities for my children. Currently, I am a nursing supervisor. Brent is a sophomore at Jacksonville State University and Savannah is sophomore at Georgia Highlands. I continue to be involved in events with the program and have wonderful relationships with the staff who still work there. The Head Start program helped shape my life and ultimately helped shape my children’s lives. For this connection, I am forever grateful.